September 24, 2022
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 has recently launched and this phone has sent ‘90s babies everywhere into orbit, with its mega versatile camera, four official colourways (although if you decide to go the bespoke route, there are over 70 colour options to mix and match from), and the most nostalgic  throwback feature of all – the flip.

You read it right. The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 opens up flat with no screen split and folds into a neat square when you’re done. But, folded shut, another mini screen shows up on the outside shell with the time, date and battery percentage. You can use it to scroll through updates, reply to texts, select songs from your playlist, unlock the car and access Samsung Pay. Plus you can use Quick Shot to take the most epic selfie with back camera quality, using the cover screen – all whilst the phone is snapped shut. 

The bonus is that you can keep recording even as you open the phone, which switches seamlessly to Flex mode, thanks to Samsung’s FlexCam technology. You can also keep your phone half folded and place it down for a hands-free group shot or selfie, using the front camera, with just a wave of the hand. And, thanks to Samsung’s partnership with Meta, all the images are optimised for Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook.

That’s the major tea on the camera, as for functionality? Samsung is promising big things there too. The phone has a super-fast charge that lasts all day, so you don’t have to lug around a powerbank with you and the device makes multi-tasking easier. The taskbar layout allows you to swipe through your favourite and most recent apps effortlessly. And its Google and Microsoft compatibility means you can drag, drop, copy and paste links and photos between multiple apps, or enjoy co-activities via Google meet which allows you to virtually connect with others while watching YouTube or playing games together, through video call.

It makes sense. Samsung has been dominating the tech industry, staying one step ahead when it comes to software, innovation, and personalisation – and, with its ultra smart spin on the flip, this phone makes all our Y2K dreams come true. 

However, how does the phone actually measure in terms of functionality. We asked five GLAMOUR staffers to give their truest and most honest opinions. Here is how the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 fared. 

The Product:

The Verdict:

Kumba Kpakima, GLAMOUR’s Associate Social Media Manager

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